How to cook Perfect Rice on the stove step by step

Rice Recipe is one of the well liked dishes in the world but cooking Perfect Rice on a Stove is a big Challenge. To make Perfect Rice on stove needs the right Techniques that everyone could not know. So in this article we will share easy Process of cooking Perfect Rice on stove step by step. Lets Read, Learn and Cook delicious Rice.


Cooking rice seems easy while cooking on the stove but Cooking Perfect Rice is not easy. It needs attention while cooking it on the stove. The type of rice you are cooking matters more and also the ingredients you are using should be fresh. The ratio between Rice and water is an important step in cooking perfect Rice on Stove. So Mark these words while cooking rice on the stove.

Variety Of Rice

There are unlimited Varieties of rice available in markets like White Rice, Brown Rice, Jasmine Rice and Basmati Rice. Each of these varieties have their own texture and taste. It’s difficult  to select Any variety of rice So e recommend Basmati Rice because it’s ideal for making Biryani and pilaf.

How to measure Rice

The ratio between water and rice is most important to make your rice perfect. So the best ratio between the rice and water is each cup of rice has a ratio with water is 2 cups of water.

How to Rinse and soak Rice

Rinsing Rice before cooking is important because it removes the extra Starch which can cause the rice Gummy. Rinse Your Rice under cold water. Now soak Your rice for 25 to 30 minutes which increases the taste of rice.

Cooking Rice on Stove

Boil water on the stove, add rice  and turn down the heat low. The time of cooking rice depends upon the Amount of rice you are cooking. After cooking rice place it for 10 minutes and enjoy your Perfect Rice.

Final Words

We hope that after reading all these steps now you know How to cook Perfect Rice on the stove. So if you want to read and learn more Cooking Techniques then kindly visit to our website.

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