How to make delicious kheer recipe at home step by step

There are many sweet dishes which are liked by the People But one of the well liked Indian dessert  which is named as Kheer. This sweet dish is liked by people of all ages throughout the world. This dish is sweet and is used for sweet wishing occasions. Everyone wants to make this sweet dish but they did not know the steps to make it, so here we will share the complete Steps of Cooking this Sweet recipe. Read this complete article and learn how to make delicious kheer recipe.

Ingredients To cook Delicious Kheer Recipe

  • ¼ Cup basmati Rice
  • Four Cups of Whole Milk
  • 3 cups of sugar
  • ¼  Teaspoon cardamom powder
  • Almond and few nuts chopped

Process of making Sweet kheer Recipe

Follow the given steps to make Your kheer delicious

Step One – Wash and boil rice

wasing rice

Wash the rice in clearly and boil rice for 30 Minutes in water.

Step Two – Milk Boiling

milk boiling

Take a pan and boil milk in it on medium flame. To keep the milk sticking from the bottom of pan shake it continuously.

Step Three – Add Rice

add rice

After boiling the milk, Pour the water out from the rice and add the poured rice into the pan of boiled milk, now cook it on slow flame.

Step four – Add Sugar

add sugar in kheer

After 25 minutes, add sugar in the pan. Start it to shake and cook it for another 8 to 10 minutes.

Step Five – Add Flavor and Nuts

Step Five - Add Flavor and Nuts in kheer

At the fifth step now add flavor and Nuts in the pan. Mix them with rice and milk and cook for another 5 minutes

Step Six – Add Ghee

add ghee

Finally we have reached our last step in cooking delicious Kheer. Now add the Ghee to the kheer and shake them well. After shaking now place the pan in cool place and let the kheer cools and finally your kheer ready to eat and serve.

Final Words

Kheer is the best and light dish for occasions to serve.. This recipe is easy to make and you can cook it in your home by using a few Materials. 

We hope that this article helps you in making delicious kheer at home. Now if you want to learn other simple ways to cook delicious food then kindly visit our website and read other blogs.

Which Type of rice is best to make the delicious Kheer at home?

Ans: You can use any type of Rice for making kheer but the Basmati Rice is one of the best rice to make the kheer Delicious

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