How to make Chicken Soup recipes at home?

Do You Feel Like a Delicious Light Meal?  Chicken Soup which is made at home is the best dish to fascinate your Hunger. This light Meal is not only Delicious and Healthy but Chicken Soup is also easy to make. Many people want to eat this delicious meal, they make this food but they do not know how to make it step by step. So Today here we will give you all the proper steps to make delicious  Chicken Soup recipes at your home.

Ingredients to make Delicious Chicken Soup at home

There are some ingredients to make Delicious Chicken soup at home

  • First Of all you should Need Olive Oil
  • You will need  Fresh Carrots, celery and Onion
  • Garlic Should be available to make this meal
  • Broth of Chicken will be used
  • Egg Noodles Should be present
  • Small Chicken Pieces
  • Pepper and Salt should be Used
Ingredients to make Delicious Chicken Soup at home

How to make Chicken Soup recipes?

Now Read the given steps to know the process of making Chicken Soup Recipe

  • Take a Pot and Put two tablespoon of Olive Oil over a medium Heat
  • After that add these material in a Pot (Add 1 teaspoon of salt + 1 chopped onion +  2 Slice of Fresh Carrot + 2 Chopped Celery and at last 1 teaspoon of Pepper) 
  • Cook them on heat for 7 to 11 minutes
  • When they become soft, then add 2 Cloves of chopped garlic and cook them for short period
  • After all these  steps now 8 Cups of chicken broth should be added and will be boiled
  • Now Add just 2 cups of grinded Chicken breast  and 8 egg Noodles will be added in other Pan
  • Cook these both for 15 minutes and leave them until noodles should b cooked
  • At last step Taste and Salt and Pepper to meal according to your taste

Nutrition facts

Total Fats9g11%
Saturated Fats2g12%
Dietary Fiber1g4%
Vitamin C3mg15%

What Are some famous alternatives to the recipe for chicken soup?

Ans: Chicken and dumplings, lemon chicken soup and chicken tortilla soup and some other are best and delicious  chicken soup recipes

Can I Freeze Chicken Soup?

Yes, chicken Soup can be freezed and you can freeze it for 6 months.

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